Saturday, June 26, 2010

Dan's THE Man!

I know, I've been talking about this blogsite for months and doing these little "teasers" to get you all excited for the big launch. I mean, if you know me at all, you know I don't hide my emotions and the "I can't wait" factor is HUGE for me right now! Are you excited yet? If not, maybe this will do it. These images are of Dan. He is the amazingly talented videographer behind all of the cool video my new blogsite is going to have. I'm not talking about slideshow type stuff. This is real footage. Me talking (OMG, what's better than that), clips from client's sessions and more!

Dan and I came up with a bunch of ideas months ago and they're all coming together bit by bit. I'll be able to show and tell you more once the blogsite is up but a little hint, if you want a "fusion" session with photos and video, we've got it! It's gonna be all the rage!

Dan is super busy as the videographer of his own company, Poetic Cinema. If you are having a wedding or other event, Dan's the man. Just take a look at his work and you'll see why he's so good and why I'm so lucky to have found him to work with me. Not only that, but he's fun, laid back & easy going. We have had a lot of good times together.

This session was one of them. These are some promo shots I did for Dan. He wanted something less "videographery" looking. He brought his son along for the fun so I got them in some shots together. Made for a fun day. Enjoy!

This is very "Dan".
We thought this was funny...
...and this too. Dan's hiding behind the pole-can you see him? HA!

Loooove their relationship. Very close and comfortable.
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